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Registration Process:

Payment can be done using one of our payment methods (Card, Bank, or Bank Transfer)

How we operate:

LektiaPay is based on little beginnings. Instead of getting 50,000 from 1 user to run an investment, we rather get 1,000 from 50 users and start an investment for them. 

The proceeds of the investment are divided to 50 users and credited directly to their bank account.

What should I do after registration & payment:

Help us mention LektiaPay to your family and friends, please try not to be selfish. 

When mentioning LektiaPay to them, you can use your referral link to register them so that you can get some bonus. 

Before you can get your bonus, their registration and payment must be completed.

What do I stand to gain if I refer users:

1. 5% bonus on all their investment

2. Your investment will start faster.

How much will I gain with LektiaPay:

Your earning is continuous as long as we keep getting funds to start an investment, you keep earning

I need a detailed earning breakdown:

Stage 1 = ₦1,600

Stage 2 = ₦3,200

Stage 3 = ₦6,400

Stage 4 = ₦12,800

Stage 5 = ₦20,000

Stage 6 = ₦20,000

Stage 7 = ₦20,000

Stage 8 = ₦20,000

Stage 9 = ₦20,000

Stage 10 = ₦20,000

And so on.

At level 10 you have made over 100,000 and counting

Will I make any other payment after the 1000?


Is Referral 100% Compulsory?


If I don't refer, will i still get paid?


How long will i wait before getting paid if i do not refer anyone?

That's determined based on a first come first serve basis by the system. The earlier the better.

What do you invest in?

Cryptocurrency Trade

Forex Trade


When will my payment start?

1 Month once your connection is complete (Investment Group)

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